Writing for Life

Maximizing Messages for Writers, Speakers & Publishers

Are you a writer wondering what to do with your gift? Are you lining your closet floor with less than colorful rejection letters? You’re in the wrong business! Clean your closet and hire a coach for redirection.

Move from being in the book business to being in the business of connecting with your audience through your life-giving words. I will help you uncover your heart and maximize the impact of your message. How? You talk. I listen. I offer feedback. You write. We evaluate. You refine. Then together we discern the best audience and distribution for you and for your message.

I’ll guide you and your project with insight gained from nearly twenty years navigating the waters of Christian publishing as a writer, a project manager, an acquisitions editor, a coach, a conference speaker, a publishing consultant and more recently as an agent. (**See exciting announcement at the bottom of this page!)

AfterReleasePowerClass_RobinLauraSherryMikelynI’m a fan of . . . well, of you! Truly. It takes courage to blow life into being through the words of your heart. The potential for crushing failure in the world’s eyes can cripple you.

Don’t let it. When you shift your perspective and give from what you’re given to the best of your ability, you’ll achieve life-giving success. Every. Time. Listen well. Take a chance. Open yourself to something new and watch life bloom all around you. 

Maybe you’re a publisher looking to partner with authors who make a difference in the world with their words, but downsizing limits your time to search for talent. Perhaps you identified the right author, even the right project, but the manuscript needs some “tlc.” Let me help you. I get what you do, and I know how to nurture writers’ gifts to bring out their best potential.

Email me for an initial 30-minute consultation regarding your project, your proposal, your passion, your pursuit. We’ll find our connecting points and catch a glimpse of where we might go together in the quest to maximize the impact of your message.


• Writers’coaching, consulting, mentoring
• Non-fiction proposal consult & coach: women, children, family, some fiction, CNF
• Publishing consultant
• Book development: non-fiction, women, children, family
• Writing: ghostwriting, personal experience, more
• Agenting of authors: requires prior relationship
• Workshops & speaking engagements to help writers, speakers & others discern, release & distribute God-given gifts
• Inspirational messages for women & writers

RescuingHope_fullcover** Hey! Since we’re just sitting here on the swept up floor of my cyber home talking life, I’ll let you in on some exciting news. I’ve been serving Susan Norris (my friend and client), as a midwife (coach & representative). Susan’s newborn, Rescuing Hope, debuts to the public—December 31, 2012. It’s gritty. It’s necessary. It’s YA Fiction that delves into the real issues facing our young girls, putting them at risk of being tricked and trafficked for sex, right here in the U.S.

I’ll share more later, but for now, here’s a sneak peek at the cover. For release info on Rescuing Hope or to join other voices for hope, write me. And go subscribe to updates at Susan’s new site, susannorris.org


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