I’m a life coach by trade and by heart. Whether coaching, writing, speaking (or helping folks with Medicare—which I now do!), I pray my openness invites you into a safe place to encounter God’s life-giving grace. Then, before you know it, I hope you’ll find yourself responding to this very personal invitation from a yielded, grateful heart.

A former acquisitions editor and published author with more than twenty years in the publishing field, I have birthed or helped to birth dozens of projects (some of them award-winning!) and inspired many to uncover and release the life-giving power of their words. I believe each one of us—writer or not—carries within us the power to change the world with a single deed, a word, a touch, or even a look.

Passionate to minister life, I have served as a board member with PurityWorks and pureHOPE International, as well as with CLASSEMINARS, Inc., a Christian leadership and communication organization. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to speak life over writers, singles, and women at gatherings in the U.S., Nigeria, and Ukraine and desire to use my voice whenever I can to lift up the unseen and exploited.

I’m a worshiper who adores aunting, celebrates life as a “deliberate vagabond,” and anchors among close community in Lexington, South Carolina. Wherever we cross paths, I pray you recognize these things: I see you. I am for you. I am with you. And I’m glad to walk you home, but please be ready to experience the wonder of taking the long way.

If you want to know more about who I am, where I’ve been, or where I’m going, will you please drop me a note or leave a comment? I’m used to polishing other folks’ bios with creds and accomplishments. It’s easier than trusting unpolished words and wanderings to express the life-giving matters of my own heart—just for you. Above all, I hope you know you’re welcome here.

Thanks for stopping by and for letting me know how I can serve you.

9 responses to “About

  1. Why did you call? How did you get our phone #? And how did you know my first name? And do you have permission to call people who’s phone #s are on the donotcall list? Also, why did you start speaking before the answering machine message was done? And what business do you as an apparent Christian have in calling anyone when you have this cutting edge way of reaching people on line. I hope you stop calling people because my family and maybe many others do not like getting unsolicited phone calls of any type and do not answer them!!! So, this is to let you know that what you did by calling was annoy someone. And that someone hopes you answer this. I already forgive you and hope you stop calling people!

    • Hi Kim. I’m so sorry for the annoyance, but I’m not sure what you’re referring to. I consult in a few different arenas. I don’t knowingly disturb family peace. If you received a call with my name attached to it, will you please let me know more specifically? I do make calls to help folks, but only when they’ve given their number and requested information. I’m glad to talk with you further to try to find resolution. If someone is using my name or ministry, I’d like the opportunity to redirect the conversation and rectify the situation. Thanks for your kindness and your time, Robin robinstanleycoaches@gmail.com

  2. Hi Robin, I’m sorry to take so long to get back to you. I thought the call corresponded to my visiting your website when I wrote my first comment. I just got a call, with the caller ID “LifeGivingWomen”. I let the answering machine get it. Then a person starts speaking and asks for me by my full first name while the answer machine greeting is going. The phone number is 1-602-753-5621. It seems that it could be a computer making the call. I did a search and got your website.
    Apparently, a lot of people are answering these “robocalls” and they were being asked to take a 4 question survey. Do you know anything about that? The topic for the calls seems completely unrelated to your ministry. Maybe it’s a scam?
    Thanks for answering my reply.
    🙂 Kim

  3. Well, the cool thing is that folks are finding me, though I’m not associated. by any means, to the calls you’re getting. I genuinely know nothing about the organization making the calls or the questions they’re answering. Thanks so much for getting back to me, Kimberly! Again, I’m so sorry there are folks out there taking advantage of the “life-giving” theme. With blessing, Robin

  4. The “cool thing is that folks are finding me”? wow, this puts you in the same category as fishing scammers, people who break the rules. And at any price. I don’t normally write to people that do this but enough is enough. I was called too. So I looked you up and you don’t seem very sincere when you say “so sorry for the annoyance,” to Kim after your second reply. Yes, I started to read what you are about and I agree with the article but then you connected gun sales with sex trafficking.
    I am a wife, an army mom, and grand-mom, a business owner, an animal lover a proud American and a GUN OWNER because it is my right and if you remember (or in many cases crack it open for the first time) the constitution and what our brilliant forefathers set up for us, you would know that it is our duty to own (buy) arms equal to that of our police and armed forces, to protect ourselves and our country from enemies foreign and domestic. Bad guys don’t follow the rules. So they go to theaters that are gun free zones, stadiums, concert halls, schools and churches….I will not be a victim! And I would not hesitate trying to stop a madman or woman who is doing evil like a knife attack, of a gun attack, a pimp or even unsolicited calls. I’m sure your smiling now as you read this and maybe not entirely thinking that you sunk a bunch of money into a call system just to annoy people just yet, but maybe you should? Check yourself. I’m sure your clever enough to find the people who really want to engage with you. I know you are thinking you are doing good or maybe just trying to throw that net out there far and wide to snag a few big money fish? There are a lot of confused people who are searching for someone like yourself to pay them to read the bible. I don’t want you to reply. I won’t be looking for one. Good luck

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