Surrendered: More than a Tagline

Photo credit: Creative Commons

Photo credit: Creative Commons

Since the start of this web development venture, I try to do at least one thing each day that keeps me moving forward in it. Some days I read articles like “How to Make Your Home Page Static So it Looks More Like a Website.” Other days I add a menu name and ponder for an hour what I did and where it should be showing up on my site. There are times when I simply read what I’ve written and let the Spirit confirm or deny its resonance.

While waiting for rehearsal in the wee hours before church last Sunday, I read the tagline I’d recently placed under the capitalization of my name. “Surrendered: for Him, for you, for life.” I smiled. These words had awakened me in the middle of the night, begging to be written down in my bedside notebook. Resonance, yes? Yes! Until I reached across the sink to turn the water on in the ladies’ room. The closer I drew in toward the mirror, the more tears streamed down my face.

ARE you surrendered? The question caught my looking good, ready-to-sing self off guard. And wrecked me.

It’s just a tagline, right?

Most of you know me well enough to know that nothing for me is “just” anything.

When tears push their way to the surface without much provocation, I know I need to listen. The Lord held me in that frame until I responded.

“No. No, I’m not. Not this morning.”

My knees went weak. I leaned harder into the countertop. “Forgive me.” How long I stood there, palms now extended, weeping away the morning’s mask, I’m not sure. But revelation came.

“Show me, Lord. Do I need to change it?”

No, just live it. Give Me your heart. Today. Every day. Keep it tender, open, responsive. Even now. That’s where you’ll find life—in Me. And that’s where you’ll give it. 

Surrendered. It’s more than a word. More than a tagline. Surrender is a moment-by-moment invitation to walk in the wholeness of indifference to the ways of the world.

I had girded my heart with the expectations of musical and professional excellence that morning. Surrender required an honest response to the Spirit’s question.

Are you surrendered? Or is your heart bound? 

  • Be still and listen for the question.
  • Respond with a pure and honest heart.
  • Release the world’s expectations.
  • Enter into surrendered worship. 

4 responses to “Surrendered: More than a Tagline

  1. I hold my breath as I read your words. Surrendered? I was while away on a God-saturated retreat. But now I am home with all the noises and sights of “normal”…Will I surrender in the normal? I exhale knowing this normal space can be just as God-saturated if I stay in surrender.

    Now…to live it out.

    • Oh, Laura. I’m so glad you were able to get away and reset your spirit. Periods of saturation are SO essential. What vision do you hold for yourself of surrender in the noise of everyday normal?

  2. Powerful. Challenging. “Surrender is a moment-by-moment invitation to walk in the wholeness of indifference to the ways of the world” – this will be my goal to strive for each day, the path I will chose to take. And I know God will not judge me when I fail at it and for that I am blessed. Thank you for awakening this in me.

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